Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28: A New Backpack for Audrey (and some Whining from Me)

Audrey starts preschool next week!  Exciting times!!  Today she got to go meet her teachers and see her classroom.  I think she is pretty excited about school, and I think she will really like it.  Her first day is next Thursday.

Here is her new backpack.  I really wanted to buy this Pottery Barn backpack, but then I knew that a $30+ backpack was definitely not a preschool necessity.  Instead I paid  $5 for this backpack at Old Navy.  Audrey likes it, and I think it will work just fine for the handful of things that she will need to transport to and from school.

Honestly, I'm ready for her to start school and get out of the house for a bit.  She is just going on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so she won't be gone long.  But I think we are both ready for a change of pace around here!  I've been crabby a lot lately.  Between Audrey's drama (she had a screaming/crying fit the other day because we were out of dryer sheets, seriously!) and Isla's fussing lately (second molar is finally breaking the skin, plus she is getting frustrated at her lack of ability to move like she wants, and I'm getting frustrated because she doesn't move like she should!), I just never feel like I have enough patience.  Nowhere close to enough patience!

Back to school time usually makes me a little crabby, because it was my favorite time of year as a teacher.  Sometimes I wish I was still teaching or working or doing something else besides being home every day. 

But I know that I would not make a very good working mom.  I don't think I would do well at balancing work life and home life, and I am pretty sure I would be stressed out most of the time.  But then I am stressed out being a stay at home mom, and right now I don't think I make a very good stay at home mom either.  All of that leads me to think that maybe it is this whole "being a mom" thing that I am just not good at.  Sigh.

Don't worry though...I will be okay!   I hate to be such a downer, and when I put things in perspective, I know that I have no reason to be grumpy about anything.   I've been staying at home with my kids for almost four years now, and I occasionally go through these "crabby" periods.  I know that I eventually will come out of it and figure things out and deal with life a little better than I am right now.  I will still welcome any tips that you want to share with me though, as I find it so encouraging and helpful to hear from other people that are in the same boat with me!


Elisabeth said...

I can't believe Audrey starts preschool! Yay! Cute backpack!

You're def entitled to be crabby. You're a very good mother with 2 smar beautiful children. I hope that I can be as good of a mom as u! I want to b able to stay at home w Braxen. I know I wil at least for a year & hope I can balance school & teaching her the things she needs for her development. Seriously tho, u are a great mother and should never ever doubt that! I give u many kudos for doing such a good job and having 2 kids at home. I get frustrated enough with one bcause she doesn't want to nap or go to bed when she's tired. I'm dreading her teething! I think whenver u get a chance to get out of the house (with or without thbe girls but especially without) u need to do it!! Being cooped up doesn't help and u want to enjoy the weather while u can!
I wish u could come to nana's! Me and braxen would like the company since moms been so busy :)

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