Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12: First Masterpieces

Last week, I let Isla color on paper with crayons for the first time.  She has scribbled for a few seconds with sidewalk chalk outside, but that's about it.  I remembered the doctor asking if they were able to scribble at this age.  So I decided to give Isla a little test of her coloring/scribbling abilities.

She passed with flying colors!  Check out her masterpiece:
 I didn't do much of anything to help her, except hand her the bucket of crayons and paper and watch her get to work.  She did this all by herself.  I was so proud!  It may seem silly, but it makes me feel good to see that she is not behind in every skill!  Her fine motor skills are really good, and I constantly brag about them because it gives me reassurance that she is showing signs of good development in some areas.  (Still no progress in the gross motor development though.  Despite the first steps she took last week, she refuses to even attempt to take a step by herself now.  Frustrating!!)

As I was watching Isla scribble with such skill, I remembered how horrible Audrey was the first time I gave her crayons and paper.  She refused to push hard enough to make a mark, and the whole experience frustrated her easily.   She was probably two years old before she could color a picture like Isla did above.

This week, we found Audrey's very first coloring/scribbling masterpiece.  It looked like this:  (if you look closely you can see a few marks down in the bottom right, and I'm pretty sure I had to help her make those little marks.)
The funny thing is that Audrey had her first experience with crayons and paper when she was 15 months and 5 days old (2/5/10).  For Isla's first experience with crayons and paper, she was also 15 months and 5 days old (9/5/12).  Crazy, I didn't even plan that! 


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