Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13: Lessons from Preschool

Audrey is having a good time at preschool, and I am having fun hearing about what she did each day.  It's kind of weird to not know every single thing that she does, but it is also kind of fun to hear her tell stories (and try to figure out what really happened).

She doesn't really like to tell me much right when we get home from preschool.  But she gradually tells us more and more throughout the day.  Especially today!  She just kept talking about school, and she spent most of the afternoon playing "school" with her toys and dolls.

At one point, she had all her My Little Pony figurines sitting in a semi circle in front of her.  She was holding up her The Little Engine That Could Book and was reading it to the ponies.  Her reading (aka memorization) of the book was quite impressive.  But what was even more impressive was her tone and inflection and teacher-like skills.  She kept stopping her reading to ask the ponies questions, like:  "Have you ever been on a train before?"  and "Do you think this train is going to help them?'  When she finished reading, she said, "Good job, boys and girls.  You did a great job listening."  It was so adorable.  I wanted to record the whole thing, but I knew she would stop if she saw me with the video camera.  So I snapped a quick picture instead.

They are learning about the color yellow this week in her class (she is in the yellow room).  Today, she could not stop talking about "amarillo" (the Spanish word for yellow).  I'm guessing she learned that word in school today.  She kept saying it over and over again, then pointing to yellow things and saying "amarillo" and laughing.  

Yesterday, Audrey was having a hard time doing something, and she was getting frustrated.  Normally she will just cry and scream when she can't figure out how to do something.   It is something we are constantly working on...getting her to ask nicely for help without any tears or screams or fits.   But yesterday when she was stuck, she said, "Mom, I need a helping hand!"  Another new thing she learned at preschool!

She was also singing a song today that went like this, "Hips and lips are what we do when we go down the hallway."  I had to ask her to repeat it several times to make sure I was hearing correctly...hips and lips??  But then she put one hand on her hip and one finger to her lips and started walking around.  I guess that is how they walk down the hallway at her preschool!

Other things she has done in her first three days of preschool:  learned how to write an uppercase L, painted several pictures and made other crafts, held the door for her classmates when coming in from the playground (she was VERY excited about this), and  received her first birthday treat bag from a classmate.  Fun times!!


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