Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25: Audrey and Her Guys

I keep trying to get rid of stuffed animals and dolls in our house, but Audrey keeps playing with all of them.  So I guess as long as they are getting used, they can stay.  We call Audrey's collection of stuffed animals, dolls and babies "guys." 

When Audrey plays with her guys, it always entertains me.  I just love listening to the way she talks to them and makes up games to play with them.  In this picture, she lined them all up along the wall, gave them each three "pom pom" balls (after asking them what color they would like), and then invited us to come shop in her toy store.  Later, the "pom pom" balls transformed into the the coins we needed to buy the guys in her store.

Today, she wanted all of her guys to watch Tangled with her.  So she lined them all up again, this time in front of the TV so they all could watch the movie together.


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