Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 23

Isla and I went to the mall today while Audrey was at school.  We had the whole playland to ourselves for a while, and Isla was having so much fun walking all over the place.

These pictures aren't in focus.  Partly because my camera phone is junky.  And partly because Isla was on the move and didn't want to stand still for pictures!

Now that she is walking, all of her gross motor skills are improving drastically.  It's like she is a different girl!  She now finally rolls over on purpose, and sometimes she even sleeps on her tummy.  That should be completely normal for a 16 month old (or a 6 month old), but Isla has never, ever, ever been a fan of being on her tummy.   She can now finally get into a sitting position from lying down too (again something she should have been doing a long time ago).   She is also able to go from sitting on the floor into a standing position all on her own, without holding onto anything.  Considering that she could barely pull herself up not too long ago, this is huge! 

And with her newfound walking skills, Isla is exploring the house on her own as well.  When she was scooting, she would sometimes scoot into a different room away from us, but not very often.  Now she is wandering everywhere.  And she is obsessed with climbing stairs.  We finally had to put baby gates up by our stairs, because Isla finally noticed them. 

It is a lot more work to watch her now, but I am so happy about all of this!  It is so fun to watch her explore her world on foot.  And I am so excited to see her catch up on a lot of these developmental milestones.


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