Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31: Audrey's birthday

Man, this day did not go as planned!  Isla started acting unwell and running a fever this afternoon.  And then tonight, while trick or treating, Audrey started to feel bad again.  She came home with a fever and nearly hysterical with pain.  Not a fun way to celebrate Halloween or her birthday.

With two sick girls and less than 48 hours until the start of Audrey's birthday party, we decided it would be best to postpone the party until next week.  Audrey is going to be so sad when she finds out, but there is just no way that we could pull the party off with sick kids!  I want Audrey to enjoy her party, and the way she is feeling right now, she is not enjoying anything!

So, back to today, we started the morning with Isla fussy and up early.  But Audrey slept until 8, and she was ready for a fun day when she woke up.  We opened her presents first thing.

She got her very own camera from Mommy, Daddy, and Isla.
 Nana and Papa and Great Grandpa and Great Grandma also sent her presents.  She got a set of Snow White figurines and a Tiana doll from Nana and Papa. 
 And  she got a sticker book from Great Grandpa and Grandma.

Isla was a bit fussy, but I didn't want Audrey to miss out on our planned mall trip for her birthday.  So we went to the mall, where Audrey got to choose if she wanted to ride the carousel or get a bear at Build a Bear.  She has had her heart set on the carousel for months, but she changed her mind and wanted a bear instead.

Build a Bear is a pretty good deal if you just get the $10 bear with no extras.  It's a fun experience for preschool kids.  Audrey went last year for her birthday, and she was just as excited to go again this year.  I was not too happy with the sales lady who was helping us though.  Audrey picked out her bear (well, she picked out the only option I gave her!), and then the sales lady took her hand and led her to the sound table.  She said, "Now you get to pick out whatever sound you want to put in your bear."  Those sounds cost $4-$8 each to put inside the bear...and she didn't even ask my permission first!  How was I supposed to tell Audrey "no" when her eyes lit up when the lady told her "yes" she could have a sound.  Ugh!  So, $4 later, and we now have a bear that sings a happy birthday song when you push his paw.

Isla fell asleep on the way home from Build a Bear.  While she was sleeping, Elliot came over (we watch him on Wednesday afternoons).  I made Audrey and Elliot a special Halloween lunch, mummy dogs and witch broomsticks, plus some apples and caramel for dessert.
Then Isla woke up with a fever, a sign that things were not going our way today.  Elliot went home early to avoid our germs as much as possible.    Soon it was time to get ready for trick or treating.  I wanted to at least get a picture of both girls in their costumes, even though Isla was going to have to stay home.  We did manage to get some pictures of both girls in costume, and I think Audrey had a few moments of fun before she started feeling too awful.  I will post the Halloween pictures tomorrow in a separate post!


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