Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26

Here's a little Halloween sneak peek for you. Does she look like a caterpillar? Because she is supposed to be a caterpillar. Hopefully, people will get the idea.

I already had the caterpillar idea started when we got the helmet, so I had to find a way to work the helmet into it. I got this stocking cap at the dollar spot at Target. It would probably look more like a caterpillar if it was red (a la The Very Hungry Caterpillar). But all they had was pink, and I was too cheap and lazy to look for something else! And the pink matches her helmet better. =)

Audrey is going to be a butterfly, but we didn't try on her costume tonight. The kids are wearing their costumes to Sprouts tomorrow, so I had to scramble around today to get everything finished for the girls.


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