Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1: 10 months old

10 months old!! I just don't know how these babies grow up so fast, but they do! Here are a few updates about what Isla is doing right now, so that we can remember these days while they last.

I wouldn't say that she is mobile yet, but she is definitely not still. She is always squirming and wiggling around and trying to reach everything. She is attempting to crawl now, but she can only scoot herself backwards. I really think she is trying to move forward, but she just goes back. She gets very frustrated with this and usually ends up crying fairly quickly.

She is also starting to scoot around a little while sitting up. This makes me a little nervous because our physical therapist told me NOT to let her scoot on her bottom. She is not really scooting the way I have seen other kids scoot, with her legs. She leans over like she wants to crawl, puts her hands on the floor and sits back up. While doing this, her bottom tends to move forward a little bit. She can move across the room doing this, and I often have to go rescue her because she ran into the wall or a piece of furniture.

So even though she is not quite moving in a traditional way, I am happy that she is at least moving! I am thinking (hoping) that she will start moving more and more in the next month and get the hang of this crawling stuff. Though I still am really enjoying these days when she is not constantly moving all over the place!

She is eating more and more finger foods and showing less of an interest in being spoon fed. Some of her favorite finger foods right now are green beans, peas and bananas.

Isla is starting to play little games with all of us, and it's a lot of fun. She likes to play a game kind of like hot potato. I will give her a toy, then she will put it back in my hand. Then I will give it back to her, and then she will put it back in my hand. Sometimes we add Audrey into this game as well. Isla thinks it is so much fun to pass things back and forth. Isla also loves to take toys (or other objects) out of baskets and put them back in again.

Isla is quite vocal these days, with lots of baba, dada, mama kinds of sounds. Every once in a while it seems like she uses Mama or Dada in the right context, but it is probably more coincidence than her actually calling us by name. Audrey also likes to try to teach Isla how to talk. Audrey will tell her to say some word, and then Isla will respond with a "baba" or "dada". And Audrey thinks that is just hilarious! Sometimes Audrey will interpret what Isla is saying to us. The other day Audrey was positive that Isla said chihuahua!

Isla is sleeping much better these days. She is sleeping through the night again (most nights) from about 7:30 or 8:00 pm to 6:30 or 7:00 am. She is also napping better, usually two 1 1/2 hour naps per day.

She was still a little nervous about Raggedy Ann in this month's pictures!!


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