Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23: Elisabeth's Baby Shower

The girls and I are at my mom's house in Iowa.  On Saturday, we had a baby shower for my sister Elisabeth. 

She is having a girl, so we had a "Sweet Baby Girl" themed shower, using these amazing free printables, as well as making some yarn ball ice cream cones for decor as used in that party.  It was very cute, and the cake pops were a big hit with everyone...especially the kids!

Audrey had been looking forward to this shower for days.  Every time she saw me working on the cake pops or the decorations, she would ask when we were going to Elisabeth's party.  The day of the party as we were setting up and getting the food ready, she was so eager for the party to begin.  Then about 15 minutes before the shower started, she fell asleep on the couch.  And she slept this way for most of the time!   

My sister's boyfriend has a three year old daughter named Sage.  She is one month younger than Audrey.  This was the first time the two of them had met, and I was nervous about how they would get along.  Audrey doesn't always get along so well with other kids her age.  She is so particular, that she sometimes freaks out when kids do things that she doesn't like.
However, the two of them got along great!  They would disappear for long periods of time playing together.  Sage is definitely more of a leader, and Audrey is more of a follower.  So Sage would tell Audrey what to do, and Audrey would do it.  It really was funny to watch.  Audrey called her "Stage" the whole weekend, and it was just too cute. Both of the girls like the Disney princesses and fairies, and I loved listening to them talk about it.

In these pictures, they are wearing the beautiful new dresses that Nana bought for them.
At one point, the girls were being silly and climbing on my lap while I was taking pictures.  They wanted to get as close to the camera as possible so I could take their pictures.  And Josiah didn't want to be left out of the fun either!


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