Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2: Palm Sunday

Last week I bought a new dress for Audrey. We normally have an abundance of spring/summer dresses around here, but not so much this season. So I thought Audrey could use a new summery dress to wear to church on Sunday, since the weather forecast was predicting temps in the upper 80s.

I found one on sale at Target that I liked and bought it. I brought it home and showed it to Daniel. His first comment was, "Is that her Palm Sunday dress?"

I thought about the dates and realized that I was planning for her to wear it on Palm Sunday. Then I looked at the dress and noticed that the bottom half of the dress was covered with flowers and palm leaves!

I felt it was a little cheesy to wear a palm leaf dress on Palm Sunday, and I almost didn't have her wear it. But then I posted something on Facebook, and everyone assured me it was fine. So she wore it. And I think the only people at church who noticed the palm dress on Palm Sunday were the people who read my Facebook post!

Here she is in her dress with the palm branches she made in Sunday School:
Later in the afternoon, Daniel decided to wash the van and he asked Audrey to help. We really thought she wouldn't last long "helping" with the car wash, as she normally freaks out when a drop of water touches her clothing. We were wrong. She loved washing the car, and spent a whole hour washing the car with Daddy. She was soaked when she finished, and she could not stop smiling and laughing!


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