Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11: Another Haircut

Today, it was Audrey's turn to go see Jenni for a haircut.

She looked so big and grownup while sitting in the chair. She loves getting her hair cut! She always has a long list of things that she wants to tell Jenni about. Today's list included: the two movies we checked out from the library yesterday (a Tinkerbell movie and the Little Mermaid), the names of all the fairies on the Tinkerbell movie, the names of her favorite songs from the Little Mermaid (Part of your World, Under the Sea and Kiss the Girl), all of her favorite things about Disney World, and the fact that we made energy balls (her favorite snack) today.My phone can't take pictures of anything in motion, and Audrey did not want to stand still. She was too excited about the haircut and the sucker that goes along with it.When we were back in the car, she told me, "Mom, my hair is awfully beautiful!"


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