Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4: Audrey's Art Space

Back in October, Audrey got a lot of art and craft supplies for her birthday. Since then, I have been working to get an organized space together that would both serve to store it all and give her a space for creating.

Well, it only took me 5 months, but I finally finished her art space in our basement! It feels good to cross another basement project off my list. Now, I just need to finish up some toy storage solutions, and my basement makeover will be complete!

For this project, I really didn't have any money to spend. So my goal was to create a space that looked cohesive and was still practical for storing all of our supplies only using things I already had around the house. I used to be a Stampin' Up demonstrator, and I used to have a stamping studio in our basement where I did all of my crafting and taught classes. So, I already had quite a few items that once held my stamping/crafting supplies and could now be recycled for Audrey's craft supplies. I did spend about $30 on this project: about $15 for the Piccaso quote and $15 for the frame on the wall.
This frame is ready to hold all of the "masterpieces" that Audrey (and one day Isla) will create!
The bars and hanging cups and baskets are from Ikea.
Before I started, I took inventory and made a list of every craft item that we owned. Then as I was putting this space together, I made sure that every single item had a specific home. It makes cleaning up so much easier when we know exactly where everything belongs.

I used the free printable labels found here to label everything. Super easy and cute!

I wish that I could get a cute table and chairs for this space, but for now we are just using what we already own!I wanted everything to be fairly accessible for Audrey, so that she could get out some supplies and "create" without my help every time.

When Daniel made the shelves for our reading nook, he had some good size pieces of wood leftover. So he made two smaller shelves in the same color that we hung up to hold coloring and activity books!


Tara Kieninger said...

Very cute and practical! I have a stamping room in my basement but it's not kid-friendly. Think I need to fix that!

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