Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9

Isla has graduated to sitting in the front of the cart when we are out shopping. Up until now, she was usually hanging out in her bucket car seat in the back of the cart while we shopped. I have been getting tired of lugging her around in that carseat...too heavy! It is a bit more of a hassle to get her in and out of the car seat in the cold weather and deal with getting her bundled up in a coat, but I think it is time. Isla definitely seems to be enjoying the new view!

Since making this move, Daniel and I have noticed that she (and her helmet) receive much more attention. I was nervous about what people would say about the helmet before we got it. I thought I would be self-conscious about her every time we were out in public.

Really, we didn't get many comments at all about the helmet. A few people at church asked about it. Several older ladies thought she was wearing it to protect her head in case she fell down. But overall, the helmet received little or no attention when out in public.

Until Isla started sitting up in the cart. Now that she is a bit more visible, I guess the helmet is drawing more attention. We have received a lot of stares and gawking lately, as well as several comments on the helmet. Most people comment on how cute it is, especially the flowers. But one lady at Wal-mart this week asked, "Is that a hard hat or something?"

I actually prefer for people to ask me about the helmet. I would rather them know why she is wearing it than make their own assumptions. I'm a little too shy to initiate conversations with people who are staring at her though. I rarely bring it up with strangers, unless I can tell that they want to ask about but aren't sure how to ask. So I'm always happy when they initiate the conversation themselves.

Going out in public was originally one of my biggest fears about the helmet. I was just worried what people would think about it. As soon as we got the helmet, that fear disappeared. Who cares what people think or say about her? She is still sweet and adorable and our precious little girl. She is happy wearing it. We are happy with her wearing it. That's all that matters!


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