Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10

So, this little old blog of mine is finally updated with a new look and a new name. I couldn't come up with anything creative for a name. After a couple of weeks of thinking (and coming up with nothing), I went ahead with another generic name. But at least it's a new generic name.

I'm a bit underwhelmed with the tagline as well. But I was trying to think of a way to summarize what this blog is all about. It's mostly about my family and the girls, as well as some of my random thoughts and just my life in general. So that's what we are calling it...."my family, my thoughts, my life." It kind of sounds narcissistic and all about me, but isn't that true of most all blogs? It seems as though that is kind of the purpose of blogs...to give us a place to talk about ourselves!

Moving on to today's post! Audrey had some Christmas money to spend from Grandpa and Grandma. I found a good deal on this dollhouse (sells for $94, I was able to buy it new for $40). I had a feeling that it would be a hit with Audrey, and I was right! She was SO excited when it arrived in the mail today. I was planning to wait until Daniel got home and let him put it together. But Audrey did not want to wait, so I put it together all by myself while Audrey and Isla watched and cheered me on. It was fairly easy to put together, but just opening up all the packaging took about 20 minutes!I love watching Audrey playing with dolls and pretending. It is so fun to see how things from her real life translate into her pretend play. I need to start making a list of all the things she says to her dolls or she pretends that they say to her. It is so cute!!

I also got this book for the girls with some of their Christmas money. I am super excited about it! I splurged and spent a full $10 for it.It is not the real story of Pride and Prejudice. Obviously, that would be a little advanced for a baby board book. It is called a counting primer, and it just basically counts (from 1-10) various people, places and things from the real book. The illustrations are really cute, and so far the book has been a big hit with Audrey.Her favorite page is this one:
She quickly learned the names of all the sisters, and she is so proud of herself every time we get to this page and she can list them off: "Jane, Elizabeth, Lydia, Kitty and Mary!" I don't expect her to be smarter or anything because she has a Pride and Prejudice book. I just think it's a really fun idea.

There is one other book available right now in this BabyLit board book series: Romeo and Juliet. But soon they will be releasing Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre. I might be tempted to buy them all!


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