Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18: Good-bye PT!

It's a big week for Isla. Today she graduated from physical therapy!For the past couple of months, we have just been checking in with Shannon once a month to make sure Isla continues to make progress with her neck and upper body strength and head rotation. Today, Shannon said that Isla is right where she needs to be, therefore physical therapy is no longer necessary for her.
Shannon says Isla has all the head, neck and upper body strength that she needs to be able to roll over consistently and to crawl. She complimented Isla's amazing sitting balance and noted that she holds her head perfectly in alignment, no tilting to either side. Isla can now turn her 90 degrees in both directions and range of motion is no longer an issue. She says that Isla will roll over and crawl when she wants to roll over and crawl. We just have to keep putting her on her tummy to give her an opportunity to do those things. She said that her own daughter was like Isla...she was sitting up great and doing everything else she should be doing. But she didn't roll over until 9 months, and then she immediately started crawling.
It is a relief to me to hear from an expert that she is still on track with her development, just a little slow in the rolling over department. Isla has come a long way since we started all of this
almost six months ago. When she was two months old, she would only turn her head 60-70 degrees each way. Around 4 months, she grew more reluctant to turn her head, and we ended up getting neck x-rays to rule out any problems with her neck bones. Shortly after that, she had a breakthrough and started turning her head more and more each way.

We've done all kinds of stretching exercises and hours and hours of tummy time. It is good to know that all of our work paid off, and she is now doing great. She is growing big and strong and enjoying her new, cute, round, helmet-free head!

To celebrate the end of both the helmet and physical therapy, I ordered some new headbands for Isla today. I need to get a bunch of alligator clips as well, so I can convert all of Isla's velcro flowers into clips that both girls can wear. We are enjoying being able to snuggle with Isla's head again and give her kisses! Kissing the helmet just isn't the same!This is Isla's new laughing face. She scrunches her eyes up and is pretty funny.
I also tried to take some pictures of Audrey today. She was more than happy to let me take pictures of her, but she wasn't exactly cooperative. She thinks it is hilarious to jump in front of the camera and strike a silly pose/face. This is the best shot of the day with her.


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