Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16: Good-bye Helmet!!

Isla graduated from her helmet today!!!!!

Well, she technically isn't quite finished with the helmet yet. She will still be wearing it at night for a few more weeks. However, the night time wearing is just a precaution. We don't want her head to regress and flatten out again. Since she will just be wearing it to prevent flattening and not to correct it, in my mind we can say that she graduated from needing its correction anymore!

Her CPI today was 86%. Normal is 83-85%. We are extremely happy with the way her head looks right now. The back is round, the side bulges are gone...there really is no need to keep correcting her head shape because it is now CORRECT!

I am sure I will have more final thoughts on the helmet, but it's too late tonight to form any coherent thoughts. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves for now:


S said...

Hello! I found your site while searching for info on helmets, etc. Nice to see your child did so well with it. My daughter will be going in to get a cast/scan done tomorrow as she has a similar shape. If you find time, would you be able to share any tips, questions that we should be aware of? I appreciate it. Take care.

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