Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 23: Photo Shoot Day

The girls and I stayed home all day today, and we ended up taking a lot of pictures!

I started the day doing a little photo shoot to get some pictures for Valentine's Day cards. I have a code for 24 free cards that I need to redeem soon. Fortunately, both girls were in a very photogenic mood. They were all smiles.
Later this afternoon, we were up in the girls' room while I was putting some clothes away. Audrey wanted to play with her dress up clothes. She wanted to walk down the hall in each dress, and then I had to introduce her by her princess name. "Here comes, Cinderella!" Then, I took her picture.

I did absolutely nothing to get her to pose; all of these poses are complete Audrey originals! If I would have asked her to pose, she would have stuck her tongue out or made a funny face. She was much more cooperative, and actually kind of good at posing, when I let her do her own thing.


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