Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25: Isla can clap!

Sometimes I get worried that Isla is never going to learn how to do anything because we don't spend enough time playing with her. She is so chilled out and content most of the time, that is almost too easy to ignore and just let her do her own thing while we are busy with other stuff. We don't really ignore her, but she definitely does not get as much one on one attention as Audrey did.

Today, I decided to spend some time with Isla and work with her on waving and clapping. We haven't really tried to get her to clap or wave or do any signs or anything yet, and today seemed like a good day to try it. Audrey was really slow to wave and clap. She first waved at 10 months and didn't clap until 13 months. However, Isla kind of started to get the hang of both today with just a little direction from me! It is so crazy how different babies develop different skills at different ages.

Here is a video of Isla's clapping. She starts to get her hands together, and then she gets too excited and just starts flapping her arms all over the place. She cracks me and Audrey up!


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