Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8

Book Organization

I love books. Someday, I dream of having a library in our house where I can put all of our books together. Until then, our books are spread throughout the house on various shelves.

We do have a lot of books. I don't know how we end up with so many books, as I don't ever just go to the bookstore and buy books. Though I do have a weakness for buying kids books at garage sales.

In order to keep our house from being overtaken by books, I try to go through all of our shelves and clean them out a few times a year. That is what I have been doing for the past couple of days, and I have filled up a huge tub with books to sell at our garage sale.

I am also trying to create more toy storage in the basement playroom. To open up some shelves for toys, I wanted to put some hanging shelves on the wall for books. I found this idea on Pinterest. I asked Daniel if he could make them, he said, "Sure!" and then he made them. And I love them!! These shelves are on the playroom wall, and I am putting all of our board books here.The shelves are low enough that Audrey can take off and put away the books by herself. I ordered a beanbag to put here and make a little reading nook. I am brainstorming ways to finish decorating the space, so I'll post another picture someday when this project is finished.

All of our picture books are stored in Audrey's room. They are never this neat. It usually feels like we have a ton of books, but once I straightened them up and organized them, the shelves look empty. I think it might be time for some new picture books! =)I also have a basket in the living room with both picture books and board books that I try to rotate occasionally, so there are always books readily available for reading!In the dining room, all of my fiction books are housed on these shelves. Now that I have my nook, I am really cutting back on the number of books that I buy. I have decided that eventually (I'm not quite there yet) I only want to own physical copies of books that I really love and would want to read again and lend to friends.
In the piano room, we have all of our Bible reference books, Christian books and other books from our college days. I forgot to take a picture in there, but there is another whole bookshelf full of books.

And more books in the piano room closet! The middle shelf holds all my piano books. The rest of the books is my collection of juvenile fiction. Many of these are my books from my childhood. The rest are from garage sales. It is a bit of a sentimental hobby for me to collect these kinds of books. I am trying to collect all the Newbery Medal books and pretty much all of the books that I remember as a kid (I read a lot when I was a kid!). I refuse to pay more than a quarter for any of these books, but they are pretty easy to find at garage sales for that price. My favorite is when I find them for 10 cents a piece. I am determined that at least one of my girls will grow up to be a reader and will enjoy reading these books as much as I did.Whew! That is pretty much every book in our house. And that's AFTER I cleaned out all the shelves. Maybe I need to back through and clean them out again!


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