Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 3: Girls Day

Daniel was busy for a while today, so we decided to make it a Girls Day. Audrey loves doing things with "just the girls" (although she loves doing things with her daddy too). We didn't do anything too special...just a stop at Arbys for lunch and then a trip to Target.
The girls were looking cute in their matching shirts, and they were cracking up laughing at each other all through lunch. (Audrey is blurry in all the pictures because she refused to be still, and my camera phone can't handle any movement).
I was a bit frustrated when I ordered food for Audrey, and then all she wanted to eat was Isla's puffs! That girl loved puffs as a baby, and now that Isla is eating them, Audrey has rediscovered her love of puffs.


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