Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1: Nine months old

Somewhere in between yesterday and today, Isla turned 9 months old.

We had a bit of a problem taking her 9 month pictures today though. Isla is now scared of Raggedy Ann! During last month's picture, I noticed that Isla wasn't quite sure what to think of Raggedy Ann. But today, she was definitely scared.

She would look over at Raggedy Ann with a very uncertain look on her face.
And then she would cry.

After this happened a few times, Audrey and I were finally able to distract her long enough to get a smile for the camera. Then we took Raggedy Ann away! We are going to have to help those two get better acquainted before next month's photo.
On to some updates about Isla at 9 months old. She is a little chunker, and I am positive that she is bigger than Audrey was at this age. I'm guessing she is somewhere between 19-20 pounds already!

She now has five teeth, which puts her exactly five teeth ahead of Audrey at this age.

She has figured out how to feed herself, and she is doing really well at eating various finger foods.She is starting to respond to things that we say. She doesn't always do everything on command, but she does it frequently enough that I think she does understand what she is doing. She seems to know our names (Mommy, Daddy, Audrey) and if you ask where one of us is (Where is Mommy?), she will sometimes look in the direction of that person.

She can play peekaboo. If she is holding a blanket, she will pull it up over her face. When you say, "Where is Isla?" she pulls it down and laughs. If she doesn't have a blanket, she sometimes tries to put her hands in front of her eyes and play that way.
I am working with her to use the sign for "more" and to raise her hands up when I ask, "How big is baby Isla?" She can't quite do these things yet, but she always gives it a good try. Usually she just flaps her arms around. Sometimes she will just hold her hands in front of her and look at them, like she knows they are supposed to do something, but she's not quite sure what it is!

She likes to stand up a lot these days. She can hold onto something and stand up by herself, though I always stay within arms reach because she likes to randomly let go. She will also take steps if you hold her hands.She STILL is not a fan of being on her tummy. She STILL does not roll over very often. She STILL is not crawling. The crawling doesn't really concern me, as a lot of nine month olds don't crawl yet. But the tummy time and rolling over issues do have me a bit worried. I definitely have some questions to ask the doctor next week at her 9 month check up. Hopefully more physical therapy is not in her future.

Also, Little Miss Audrey is 40 months old today.


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