Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11: Playroom Wall Art

Back in January, I set out to get my house completely organized and planned to blog about it as I did. I did get a few things organized, but there are still a lot of projects left on my list! It is also almost spring, which puts me in the mood for spring cleaning and redecorating.

Last March, I had a big list of projects to complete in our living room. We did complete a few things on that list: got a new entertainment center, mounted the TV on the wall, and took out the door. I never posted an after picture though, because I still haven't finished the rest of the decor in the room. So those things are back on the list for this spring, along with a mini bathroom makeover.

I have also been slowly working on rearranging and organizing the basement. We redid the basement in 2009, but three years later I am ready to change some things up. I already posted about the new book nook we created. I am working on some new decor as well, including a new piece of wall art.

I already had a 14 x 14 blank canvas. It used to have some vinyl flowers on it (like those on the walls), but they never adhered to the canvas very well and were falling off.

So I wanted to take advantage of this canvas (because it was available and free!), but I was drawing a blank on what to do with it. Finally, I just decided to give Audrey some paint and let her paint it however she wanted. This was her creation:

I like it!! It is something personal and unique, and and it's a good fit for a playroom. We might even be able to pass it off as abstract art and sell it for big bucks someday! =)


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