Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 22: Bathroom Before Pictures

Our downstairs bathroom has been in need of a makeover since we moved into this house... seven years ago! (Seven years! I can't believe we have lived in this house that long!)

The bathroom had this lovely dark purple wallpaper on the walls. And for some reason, when we first moved in, I thought the room needed more purple so I bought a light purple shower curtain, rug and towels. is purple overload in this room, and I have been ready to change it for a long, long time!
The problem is that the whole bathroom just needs to be gutted and made over: new walls, floors, sink, toilet, bathtub...the works. Our thought has been that we won't change anything until we are ready to change everything.
The reality is that we probably won't be ready to change everything for several more years. Our kitchen also needs a remodel, and it is higher on our priority list. Which means...we are stuck with this bathroom for now.

But look at that wallpaper! Not only do we hate the color, but the wallpaper was not applied well at all, and it has been peeling since we moved in to this years ago! After seven years of looking at this purple, peeling wallpaper, I finally decided that we had to get rid of it!
So, our bathroom is currently undergoing a mini-makeover, courtesy of Daniel. The wallpaper is going away, and it is being repainted. I picked out a new shower curtain and towels and a few accessories. I cannot wait until the project is finished and I can show you the after pictures! It is a definite improvement. For now, here are a few more before pictures:This black box is going away too, and I couldn't be more excited! The black box was a bit of a mystery to us for a while. We are pretty sure that it was once used to hold toilet paper. When we moved in, we bought a toilet paper holder to fit in place of the black box. Then we realized that the hole was too big for the holder. We think that they intended to insert a TP holder into the wall, but accidentally cut the hole too big. So instead, they built a box to hold the toilet paper.For the record, we have never used the box to hold toilet paper. Just look at it...yuck! I tried to clean it, but there was just no hope for it. It's gone forever now!


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