Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 10: Shopping with Audrey

Things are beginning to look up around here. I am still well. Daniel is slowly getting better. After a few doses of antibiotic, Audrey seems much better. At least she was much more pleasant to be around today.

Isla is still struggling. She was better today. She had some moments when she was talking and smiling and playing, which we didn't really see at all yesterday. But she is still so congested with a painful sounding cough. And she is not eating much at all and still not sleeping well. Surely, the end is in sight for her soon...poor baby girl!!

Since Audrey was feeling good, I decided to take her shopping with me. It was really fun! It was kind of nice to just have one kid with me, and I took advantage by running lots of errands with her.

One of our stops was Old Navy. I am looking for an Easter dress. I haven't bought a new dressy dress for myself in a really long time. I always buy new Easter dresses for the girls, and this year I decided it was time to buy a pretty dress for myself as well.

Trying on dresses with Audrey was a lot of fun. Each time I put a dress on, she said, "You look beautiful, Mom. Just like a princess!" With the last dress, she stood next to me, looked in the mirror, gave me a hug and said, "You will be the princess, and I will be your prince!"

The only problem with shopping with Audrey is that I can't rely on her for "real" advice about what looks best! I asked her to pick a favorite, and she picked my least favorite of the three I tried on.

There was one dress I really liked, but it was a bit out of my regular comfort zone of style. I came home and described it to Daniel like this: "It's floor length. It's hot pink. And it has lots of flowers and ruffles." He was not impressed with my description. However, I really did like it. I like that it is a maxi dress, because I don't own any long dresses. I like that it is bright and cheerful and flowy and frilly.

Here's the dress. What do you think?


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