Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7: Ready for Florida!

We leave for our Florida vacation in less than a week! I am most definitely ready for some warmer weather. So far, the weather forecast in Florida is looking good. The first three days we are there, temps are supposed to be in the upper 70s. It is going to be hard to top the weather we had on last year's Florida vacation. It was in the 80s and sunny every single day. I am hoping for a repeat of that this year!

Audrey needed some warm weather clothing, so I bought her a few things this week. Everything is going to be a little baggy on her, because I want these clothes to fit her all the way through the summer. We tried everything on today, and she looks like she is ready for some fun in the sun!

She is such a goofball and insisted on a silly pose for each picture!
Now it's time to start packing. I don't like to pack and always wait until the last minute. I really don't want to do that this trip, so I need to start now. I may need to blog about our packing process just to motivate myself to get it done! =)


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