Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 4: The Rest of Yesterday's Post

Here is the rest of yesterday's post. I am feeling much better tonight.

My friend Lindsey asked me on Wednesday if I would be willing to host a preschool book club at my house. Of course, I said yes...I'm always game for anything with "book" in the title. Lindsey was writing an article about fun things to do with little ones in the winter, and one of her ideas was a preschool book club. She thought she should actually try out a preschool book club before she wrote and told the world it was a fun activity.

So, she sent out some last minute invites and invited some friends over to my place. On Friday morning, we had eleven kids here for our book club. Hello, craziness!! Lindsey read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, then the kids got to make a caterpillar craft, and then they had a snack (a fruit salad made with all the fruits the caterpillar ate in the book). It was a bit chaotic, but I think the kids had fun. Except for Audrey who does not do well in crowded, crazy groups of kids.It has been a rough week for me and Audrey. Normally, you go to bed and get refreshed and wake up with patience and energy to start a new day. Our nights this week were so rough with Audrey getting up that I used up all my patience and energy during the night. I woke up grumpy and exhausted and spent. So I was not in a good mood most of the week, and Audrey was grumpy too, partly because she was tired and partly because she was responding to my bad mood. It just wasn't a very good week.

SO...I thought Audrey and I needed a fun bonding activity. I took her to the store to pick out some fingernail polish. I have never painted her nails before, and I thought she would really like it. She got to pick out two colors (in the 99 cent section), one for her fingers and one for her toes. She picked out two different shades of purple.
She thought it was so much fun to have her nails painted. She did a great job sitting still and letting me paint them. But it was probably a mistake for me to choose the cheap nail polish. Next time we are going to use a quick dry kind, because it was really hard for her to be patient and wait for her nails to dry! She loved it though and has been talking all weekend about how she is going to show her beautiful nails to all her friends at church tomorrow.


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