Friday, February 17, 2012

February 14: Magic Kingdom, part 1

I'm going to give you a play by play of our days at Disney. It's probably going to be far more information than you ever wanted to know about our vacation, so feel free to browse/skip through as much as you want.

I am the type of person who likes to research and know everything about a place before I go there. So I spent a lot of time reading about Disney and finding tips on what to do with a preschooler and a baby. I had a plan for our day, which we sort of followed. If you are planning a trip to Disney anytime soon, maybe this will help you out. It ended up working out well for us; here's what we did:

Everything I read said to get there early and do Fantasyland first. This was good advice. We walked in the park at 9:05. We did Winnie the Pooh, the carousel, It's a Small World and Mickey's Philharmagic with no waiting. Dumbo was closed, so we didn't have to mess with waiting in line there.

Audrey says the carousel was her favorite, though she had a very serious expression on her face the whole time. It takes her a while to warm up in a new place, so she was pretty serious and quiet through the whole morning. It's hard to know what she liked until later when she starts talking about it all.Both girls liked It's a Small World. Isla's eyes were huge the whole time as she looked around at everything!We were going to see Rapunzel in Fantasyland, but the line was too long. So we headed over towards Frontierland. On the way, we ran into Tiana, and there was very little wait to see her. Audrey was excited because Tiana asked her what her favorite color was. Audrey loves the color yellow, and she loves to tell everyone that it is her favorite color.It was about 11;00, so we decided to eat an early lunch before the crowds got too crazy. We ate at Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn in Frontierland. Everyone else seemed to like their food, but I didn't think mine was very good. Eating at 11:00 was a brilliant idea. No lines, no crowds. I hate eating in busy crowded places with two little kids. We had plenty of time and space to eat our meal.

As we were leaving the restaurant, there was a street dance beginning outside. A Disney worker walked up to Audrey and asked if she wanted to come dance. To my shock and amazement, Audrey said yes. Audrey went with this girl and marched around and danced in a crowd of people for three songs, all by herself!
After lunch, we went to the Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride. But once she and Daniel were in line, Audrey decided she did not want to ride. Instead, she wanted to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I knew that Audrey would most likely be scared on that ride, but we decided to go on it anyway. That was probably a bad idea. Audrey started to get scared while we were waiting in line for the ride. But she rode it. The whole time I was trying to explain to her about Captain Jack Sparrow and how he is a nice pirate and not scary...but she was not convinced.

Next up was the Jungle Cruise ride. We got a Fast Pass for this before lunch so we didn't have to wait in line. It is a dumb ride, and not worth the 45-60 minute wait that is usually there. But Audrey liked it, and it was a good non-scary ride after the pirate experience.


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