Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2: Preschool Decisions and Sleepless Nights

Tonight we went to an open house at the preschool Audrey is most likely going to attend this fall. Who knew that signing up for preschool was such a big deal?? The way you hear people talk about choosing a preschool you would think we were deciding Audrey's entire future based on the decision we make!

And now that we have picked the preschool, we have to decide on a time that we want and then hope there will be a spot for us. Morning or afternoon? Two days or three days? What will work best with Isla's schedule, even though it is kind of hard to predict what Isla's schedule will be in 7 months. Ugh, it is making me tired just thinking about it.

Actually, I think the real reason I'm tired is because I did not sleep much last night. Or the night before. Or the night before that. A certain soon-to-be preschooler is once again having a really hard time staying in her bed at night. As a result, she is keeping us all awake at all hours of the night.

She was doing better for a while. If she did get up, all we had to do was walk her back to bed, and then she would go to sleep. This week, she is not going back to sleep. She is getting up again and again. She is crying and yelling "help" at the top of her lungs and throwing fits and wanting to go potty and doing everything except for staying in her bed and sleeping.

Last night, Audrey woke Isla up. Then Audrey did finally go back to sleep, but Isla was up for over an hour. Isla is so sweet and chill when she's awake, but if you wake her up when she is sleeping, it is almost impossible to get her back to sleep. After 45 minutes of listening to Isla scream, we eventually fed her a bottle to get her back to sleep. It was about 3:30 am at that point, and I hate that we had to resort to a bottle. Isla has been done with a night time bottle for a while now, and reintroducing it does not seem like a good idea. But desperate times call for desperate measures. The problem is that our desperate times are starting to occur every night!

I really do not know what to do. We have tried everything and nothing works. And even if we did find a way to keep her asleep in her bed at night, everything is going to get all messed up again once we go to Florida in two weeks. In Florida, we will be sleeping in several different places, often with all four of us in the same room. Audrey is going to spend 12 nights sleeping with us, and I know for sure that it will ruin any kind of good sleep patterns that we are trying to establish right now.

I'm just rambling now. And the words are starting to swim in front of me on the screen. So tired. Must go to sleep now. Here's hoping for a better night.


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