Friday, February 17, 2012

February 13: The Longest Day Ever!

After spending the night at church, we came home on Monday morning to a really cold house. It was 51 degrees in there, and it felt frigid! I had on my coat and gloves, as we tried to get some last minute packing and cleaning done.

The heater guy told us he would be back at 8 am, but it was about 11 am before he got to our house. Both girls were a bit on the grumpy side, and I was worried they were getting sick. But I think they were just really cold!

We ended up going to our friend Amy's house so that I could give the girls a bath in a warm place before we left. (Thanks Amy, Steve and Cael for letting us come over!)

By noon, the heat was fixed and our house was slowly warming up.

At about 2:45, we left for the airport. We decided to fly out of our local airport this time. We figured a small airport would be much easier to handle with two small children. We were WRONG!!

The thing about the small airport is that they are really not equipped to deal with big crowds of people. We were on a pretty full flight (I'm guessing about 150 people). It was the only flight leaving the airport at the time, but it was enough people to fill the airport. The lines were long; the airport/airline employees were slow and didn't seem to know what they were doing. It was a long, long wait just to get checked in and through security.

We finally got through security at about 4:15, with our flight scheduled to leave at 4:30. But our flight was delayed. Poor Audrey. I had promised her that she could have this sucker on the plane. She was trying so hard to patiently wait.We finally boarded the plane a little after 5:30. But while we were waiting for the plane, it had started to snow outside. So by the time we got on the plane, the plane and the runway were covered with snow. The plane had to be de-iced with two different sprays. We had to sit on the plane through the whole de-icing process. Finally, the plane took off at 6:20. Audrey was very excited to get her sucker!
It was hard on the girls to wait two extra hours in the airport and airplane before we even took off. By the end of the flight, they were both about ready to lose it. (Isla cried for about the last 10 minutes or so). Overall, they did a really good job though. It was hard for Mommy and Daddy to be patient too!
We arrived in Lakeland, Florida at about 9:45. We then had a 45 minute drive to Disney, where we had to get checked in to the resort and get all of our bags to the room. By the time we got the girls ready for bed, it was midnight! An extremely late night for them, with a big day at Magic Kingdom to begin early the next morning.

It was not an ideal way to start our trip, but we made it to Florida. And it is not cold in Florida. So everything is good!


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