Monday, February 20, 2012

February 15: Hollywood Studios, part 2

Daniel and I had a few hours at Hollywood Studios to fun! It was really nice to be able to walk around without the strollers for a while. I wanted to take some pictures with just the two of us, but I failed and didn't take any.

If I were more adventurous, we would have ridden some of the bigger rides like Tower of Terror, the Aerosmith rollercoaster or the Star Wars ride. But I have motion sickness issues, and I do not enjoy most rides, so Daniel was stuck doing some of the tamer (aka lamer) things with me.

We rode The Great Movie Ride. I think this was probably cool at one point, but the movies are pretty outdated and compared to a lot of other Disney attractions, the special effects are nothing too special. I think if they updated it with more current movies and better special effects and less cheesiness, this could be a fun ride.

We ate dinner, and then had just enough time to go to the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. This wasn't my favorite attraction, but it was fun and entertaining.

At about 6:00, we headed towards the Fantasmic arena. Fantasmic is the closing show at Hollywood Studios. It is really popular, and I had read lots of great reviews about it. The Times Guide said that the seating was limited, so we got there about an hour early in order to be sure we had a seat. That was not too early at all, as the place was quickly filling up.

In this outdoor theater that has a seating capacity of 9000, what are the chances that we wind up sitting right next to our local high school marching band? We did not seat ourselves; we were ushered to our seat, and there they were, right next to us! Crazy!Fantasmic features lights, fireworks, water, fire, boats, special effects, and of course, Disney characters. The theme of the show is Mickey vs. all of the Disney villains. I knew that we needed to see this show without Audrey because of the fireworks, but with all of the villains, it would be fairly scary and intense for little ones as well. I'm definitely glad that we did this show without her.It really is an impressive show. I tried to take a few pictures, but they don't do it justice. If you are at Hollywood Studios, it is definitely worth watching, especially if your little ones are back at the resort with Grandpa and Grandma!


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