Monday, February 27, 2012

February 20-23: Bonita Springs

For the last part of our trip, we traveled to Bonita Springs, Florida. Daniel led worship for a revival at a church there, so this was the main reason for our whole trip to Florida.On our way to Bonita Springs, we stopped at the Miromar Outlet Center for lunch and some shopping. They have a big playland there, and the girls had a good time playing.

Both girls, especially Audrey, had fun playing on the church stage each night after the revival. Audrey just loved being at this church. She was so friendly with everyone and loved to shake everyone's hands and tell them all about her trip to Disney World. The church is mostly older people, and Audrey and Isla were the only little ones around. So they got a lot of attention! Audrey especially liked the fact that there were no other kids in the nursery with them, so she got all of the teacher's undivided attention.

Have I mentioned yet how beautiful the weather was for the whole trip? Or how much I loved it? I really think I am just a happier person when I am not cold. I really need to move somewhere that has 80 degree weather year round.

One night, while Daniel was rehearsing, the girls and I went out to explore the church grounds. We also took some pictures in the beautiful evening light.
While in Bonita Springs, we stayed in a house with another couple that used to go to our church named Bruce and Donna. Audrey loved them so much! I wish I would have taken a picture of her with both of them. She loved to talk to them and play with them. First thing when we woke up, she asked, "Where are Bruce and Donna?" Her favorite game was to put stickers all over them. There was also a nice pool in this community where we stayed. Audrey got even braver in the water. She learned that she could hold onto the side of the pool and let her feet float up in the air. She kept saying, "The water is pushing me up to the sky!" She also learned how to kick her feet while they were floating.


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