Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 15: Hollywood Studios, part 1

For our second day at Disney, we decided to go to Hollywood Studios. I had never been there before, but I did do my research. I knew that there were not a ton of things to do with little ones in the park, but there was enough that I thought we would have a good time. It was a much more laid back day than our Magic Kingdom day, which was a good thing.

We started by getting a Fastpass to the Toy Story Mania ride. I had read about the crazy popularity of the ride, and that Fastpasses are sometimes gone by 11:00. We got the Fastpass just after 9, and our return time wasn't until noon.

Then we went to the Disney Jr. show. This was right up Audrey's alley as she was familiar with most of the characters in this show. This was a puppet show, but it was a Disney styled puppet show, so it was much better than your average puppet show. Audrey was still in serious, poker face mode for this one. But I think she enjoyed it.
We walked across the road to The Little Mermaid show next and just missed being able to walk right in as it was beginning. Instead, we had to wait 30 minutes for the next show. Audrey has never watched The Little Mermaid, and I was worried that it might be a little scary for her.

It most definitely was a little scary for her. It is a 17 minute show summarizing the whole story, but a good 5 minutes of the show is devoted to Ursula, and it is kind of intense. We probably should have skipped this one with Audrey.

It was about 11:00 when The Little Mermaid was over, so we decided to go for an early lunch again. On our way to lunch, we saw Daisy and Donald and a very short line. Audrey and I jumped in line, while the others went to get our lunch at Pizza Planet. Across the street from Pizza Planet was MuppetVision 3D. It was a fun show. Audrey enjoyed it without her 3D glasses, as she kind of gets freaked out when things jump at her in 3D (we learned that the day before at Mickey's Philharmagic!)

Once the Muppet show was over, we walked back over to the Toy Story Mania ride. For this one, we did want to make sure we returned within our one hour Fastpass time, as it is an extremely popular ride. We saw wait times around 80 minutes for it. With the Fastpass, we still had to wait over 20 minutes.
Toy Story Mania really was worth all the hype! It is a fun, 3D carnival style ride, where you get to ride in a car and play a bunch of shooting games. It didn't sound all that special to me, but it was really cool. This was the only ride where Audrey showed excitement during the ride. No poker face on this one...she was actually laughing as she was riding.

Then it was time for the Beauty and the Beast show. This show is a 30 minute version of the Broadway stage musical and movie. Audrey is very familiar with the Beauty and the Beast movie and songs, so I was really excited for her to see this show. She was excited too!
We went to the 2:00 show, and that was probably not the best time for Audrey Once the show started, she got so tired. Her eyes were starting to glaze over, and I kept bouncing her to make sure she was awake! That was the end of the day for the girls at Hollywood Studios. We all went back to the resort after Beauty and the Beast. Daniel and I left the girls with Daniel's parents at the resort, then headed back to Hollywood Studios to enjoy some time in the park without the kids!


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