Saturday, October 3, 2009

October 3...Day 250

Last week I signed up to receive the Chicago Tribune Sunday paper for just 50 cents a week. I always buy our local paper each week (for $1.50) to get the coupons. The Tribune is cheaper and it has better coupons.

Notice the date on this's tomorrow's paper. But it showed up at our doorstep a little before 8:00 tonight. I find it a little strange that I can read tomorrow's news tonight. Hopefully nothing major happens in our world tonight, because I won't be able to read about it in the newspaper tomorrow! (This would be true if I actually read the paper. I don't...I hand it to Daniel and go straight for the coupons!)


Elisabeth said...

that is a bit weird......... i need to start reading the paper & getting coupons! maybe that doesnt kick in until mom mode tho??

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