Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27...Day 274

Neither Daniel nor I really wanted to cook anything tonight. But we didn't have any money in our eating out envelope, so we needed to find something in our house for dinner. We were going to do a frozen pizza, since it requires no prep and very few dishes. But that didn't sound good to me at all. Then I remembered that I bought stuff for homemade pizza. And I decided that the extra work it took for homemade pizza was worth it, because it tastes so much better than frozen. I used pizza crust mix (where you just add water) so it was really pretty easy to make.

And now for my daily update on the health of our household: Daniel is doing much better. He didn't have a fever today, though he still has a nasty cough. He will probably be going back to work tomorrow. And Audrey seems to be doing better as well. She had a low grade fever for a little bit this afternoon, but for the most part it has remained around normal. She did not sleep last night though. She was up at least once every hour, screaming and very unhappy. Then she did not want to nap today. But she was not acting tired at all. Instead she was super energetic and wanted to go, go go. It was odd after being so sick yesterday and getting so little sleep...she seemed excessively hyper. We are wondering if maybe the Tamiflu is causing the restlessness and hyperness?? She did calm down this afternoon/evening and wasn't acting quite so chipper. After talking to a nurse today, we found out insomnia can be a side effect. So we decided to skip her Tamiflu dose tonight and see if she sleeps better without it.

Still no flu symptoms for me. I'm starting to feel like I am out of the woods...but I know as soon as I start to feel too confident, I will probably get sick. I am completely exhausted. I haven't slept much at all since all of this started on Friday. Daniel is going to take over baby duty tonight. I am going to take an Advil PM, turn off the baby monitor, and hopefully get a much needed night of good sleep!!


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