Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 16...Day 263

Oops, I accidentally posted the after picture. This one is the before: And here is the after picture:
It's the 4th annual Martha Stewart Fall Fun Weekend (I'll explain in Saturday's post where we came up with this name)! Each year our small groups get together for this great fall event. Day 1 is spent at my friend Lindsey's parents' house in Tuscola, IL. We enjoy a great home cooked meal, a bonfire and smores, and lots of fun with friends! The event gets more and more popular each year. This year, 16 adults and 4 kids spent the night. Here is part of the group enjoying their delicious dinner.


Elisabeth said...

wow - good lighting! i use picasa and picnik and between the two when u mess with the lighting and exposure, it just makes it look bad. this looks really good! now i must invest in a good program.. hmm..

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