Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22...Day 269

The past few nights I have been cutting out flower petals to make centerpieces/favors for Audrey's birthday party next week. I figured that I need 180 flower petals to make 30 flowers, and they all had to be cut out by hand! Yuck! But I think I'm just about I just have to put all the flowers together. They are going to be pretty cute I think!
I realize Audrey could care less about any of this party stuff, but it's fun for her hard core, party planning mom! I have pictures of all of my birthday parties as a kid, and even though I don't remember many of them, I enjoy looking at the pictures now and am appreciative of the work my mom put in to make cool cakes and have fun parties. Hopefully, Audrey will feel the same way some day!


jnwiese02 said...

I know what you mean..Tait won't remember anything about his first birthday party, but that isn't keeping me from making it a big deal!
Nicole (Kellie's cousin)

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