Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25...Day 272

Kellie and I decided to try a new theme for this week: What's for dinner? The plan is to take a picture of what we eat for dinner each night. I thought it would be a fun way to maybe come up with some new dinner ideas. However, with all the sickness in our house right now, it may not be such a good week for this theme. We'll see what may be interesting.
This is my dinner for tonight: a kids' meal from McDonalds. SO healthy I know. But it's been a long day at the end of a long weekend and cooking was the last thing I wanted to do.

Audrey started with a cough and a fever today. She seems to be doing OK. She had a few rough moments and she has been pretty clingy all day long, but for the most part she hasn't been too grumpy or sickly yet. We watched A LOT of TV today...I've probably messed her all up by letting her watch so much. We have this free preview of the Baby channel (24 hours of programming just for babies, seriously there's a whole channel just for them!). What a good day for a free preview, because I probably wouldn't have even turned the TV on on a normal day. But it kept Audrey somewhat content and occupied when she seemed to be feeling especially bad. Her fever hasn't been too high. It was around 101 tonight, which was the highest I'd seen it all day. We'll see how the night goes. I have a feeling that between her cough and her fever, it may be a long, sleepless night for both of us. Daniel is still sick...I think he might be going completely crazy in his quarantine room. He doesn't do well sitting still for long. Hopefully he will be better tomorrow. I am still healthy for now. After Audrey breathing, coughing, sneezing and slobbering all over me today, I think it will be a miracle if I don't get sick!!


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