Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9: Cleaning Challenge Day 9

Today's task was to surface clean the bedrooms.  Our bedrooms are almost always a mess.  No one ever sees the bedrooms, and we really only use them to sleep.  So I just don't have a lot of motivation to keep them clean.  They were definitely in need of some picking up today!

First, the girls' room. 
That pile of clothes on top of the dresser are size 18 month summer clothes.  I found them today when I was going through my garage sale boxes.  Last spring, when Isla was wearing size 12 month clothes and growing rapidly, I assumed she would not be able to wear 18 month clothes this summer.  I assumed wrong.  She is still fitting very comfortably in 18 month clothes, so I am happy that I found these before I sold them!

Once everything was put away and picked up, the girls' room looked like this:

Next up, our bedroom.
That huge pile of clothes by the wall is Daniel's clothes to go in our garage sale on Friday.   Then there was some laundry to put away and a bed to make.  I am really, really bad about making the bed.  Why bother when you are just going to sleep in it and mess it all up again?  =)

 I do admit that the room looks much, much nicer when the bed is made!  And when all the clothes are picked up and put away. 

The blanket on the floor by our bed is Audrey's "bed" where we let her sleep if/when she comes into our room in the middle of the night.  We used to try to put her back in her bed, but then Isla would wake up and it was just a mess.  Now, Audrey comes in at some point in the night, and we just let her stay on the floor.  She does a good job of coming in and getting under her blanket and going right back to sleep.  And since we started letting Audrey sleep on our floor, Isla has gone back to sleeping through the night.


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