Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4: New Living Room Mood Board

We got to walk through our new house again tonight.  I took a lot of pictures, but I don't feel comfortable sharing them here as the house isn't really ours yet.  Once we take possession, I'm sure I will post a ton!

In the new house, we are gaining one extra room.  This room will serve as my piano room where I can teach lessons, and I also want to turn it into a formal living room area.  So I have been brainstorming ideas on what to do with the space.  Right now, the only thing we have to put in the room is the piano.  

I spent way too much time today making this mood board with ideas for our living room decor.  I don't know how much of this stuff will actually end up in our living room, but it is fun to dream!  I am trying to stretch myself out of my home decor comfort zone by working with more patterns and brighter colors.  Our house right now has a lot of brown and red, and I am ready for a change.  (Please ignore my lazy photoshop skills with the mood board.  I was just making it for fun, not perfection!)
I also have been playing around with The Make Room, a free online room planner from Urban Barn.  It is really fun!  Here is an example of how we might arrange the furniture in this new living room.


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