Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1: 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge

I am going to try to play along with Money Saving Mom's 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge in the month of April.  I don't have a lot of confidence in myself when it comes to cleaning on a schedule.  But I always like to try!  We'll see how much I keep up with the challenge and whether or not I blog about it.

Our house is not in horrible shape.  Just over a week ago it was spotlessly clean with every single thing in its place as we were in house showing mode.  But it is impossible (at least for me) to live that way on a daily basis.  Since we are going to be moving out in less than two months, it would be nice to keep the house in good shape, so we have less cleaning to do when it is time to move out.

Today's challenge was:  surface clean the living room and kitchen. 

I started tonight after the girls were in bed.  Our kitchen wasn't in too bad of shape.  I did a few dishes, put away some things left out on the counters from our Easter dinner yesterday, and wiped down the counters.

The living room was not a complete disaster.  I try to have the living room picked up every day before my piano students arrive.  So all the mess you see here happened between 4:00 and 9:00 tonight.  I just did a quick pick up and put everything back in its place, and put the laundry in a basket to take upstairs and put away.

Looking at the clock in this before and after picture, it only took me about 20 minutes from start to finish to complete these tasks.  It is nice to go to bed with everything picked up and looking nice!


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