Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 23: More phone pics

I'm cleaning up my phone, so time for some more iphone pics and videos.  Here are a few that haven't made it to the blog yet.

I love watching the girls play together, and I am always trying to capture those moments on video.  Here is a video from February.  They were dancing to the Dora dance game on the Wii.

 These pictures were from our last Sprouts session in March. 

This is Audrey doing one of her favorite things:  singing, dancing and acting out songs.  This is a song from the show Sofia the First.

 I keep thinking that Isla is getting taller.  Until I see pictures like this, where she looks so teeny tiny! She goes back to the endocrinologist in about a month, and I'm very curious to see how much she has really grown in the past three months.

 I posted this picture on Instagram, but I don't think I posted it here.  This was Isla's first time to play dress up, and she was SO adorable!  She especially loved the shoes, and she frequently wants to put them on and walk in them.

This picture was taken tonight, after Audrey finished performing a Cinderella show.  Notice the socks on Audrey's hands.  That is what she uses as Cinderella's gloves when she goes to the ball.
I have a few more videos to post, but they are taking forever to upload and I'm tired of waiting.  I've got to finish dusting and vacuuming in preparation for our house appraisal tomorrow.  The house is looking pretty much perfect, so now we just need the appraiser to be able to see that it is worth what we sold it for! 


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