Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 14: House Update

I'm sure only a handful of you (if that!) are interested in reading all the nitty, gritty details of our house selling/buying process.  I'm only posting this here so that I will remember it.  So if I ever get the idea in my head again that I want to move, I will remember what hard work it is and how stressful it is and how I really don't want to ever do it again!

We had the inspection on our new house last week.  It was perfect.  Nothing wrong, and everything was in great condition.  The inspector said that he wished he could move in there!  So that is very good news.  We weren't really expecting anything to be wrong, but it is reassuring to know that we have picked a good house!

Tomorrow, we have the inspection on our current house.  We have been working hard to fix up a few little things and get the house spotlessly clean (yet again!).  We don't know of any major problems, but in an old house, you never know what they will find.  Keeping our fingers crossed for a good report!

On Friday, we have the appraisal on our current house.  Our realtor told us that the appraiser who has been assigned to our house has been appraising houses low lately.  If he appraises our house below our selling price, that could be really bad.  So let's hope that doesn't happen.  I would hate to see this all fall through now that we have made it this far into the process!


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