Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Week: Day 1

My plan is to give the girls a little treat each morning until Valentine's Day.  I saw the idea here and thought it was fun.  Except fourteen days of valentines seemed a little extreme (even for me!), so we are just doing five days.  The original post has free printables you can print for each gift, but I decided to just use some of her ideas and make my own tags for each gift.

So this morning, when the girls came downstairs, they saw this box of Lucky Charms sitting on the table.
 I never buy Lucky Charms (even though I do enjoy eating them) because both girls only eat the marshmallows and nothing else!  So it was a special treat for them, getting to eat marshmallows for breakfast.

I am a firm believer that it is better to give than to receive, and I would like to see my girls believe that too.  So, each day this week, we are also going to take a gift/treat/card to someone else. 

Today, I made these cheesecake stuffed strawberries to take to our neighbors.   They were easy to make and pretty yummy too.

I packaged them up in some plastic Ziploc containers from the dollar store, then topped  them with a free printable valentine from here.  They looked cute!

The whole point of this activity was to 1. be kind to our neighbors and 2. teach the girls that it is fun to give gifts and receive nothing in return.  Well, lesson #2 totally failed.  At both houses, they loaded up the girls with candy!  This is Isla's half of what they got today.  I think Audrey got even a little more than this.  Seriously...we just went to two houses and they weren't expecting us!
 It was like Halloween.  All the girls learned was that when you take treats to the neighbors, then you get candy!

On a side note, I put Isla's hair in pigtails today for the first time.  She just barely has enough hair.  She looked really cute.  And she hated it.  She screamed the whole time I was putting them in, then she continued to scream after I put them in.  I'm not sure if they were hurting her or if she just didn't like her hair feeling different.  So, I took them out and won't be trying pigtails again any time soon.  But of course, I took a few pictures before I took them out!

Also, Audrey had six ponytails in her hair today!  When I told her that i was putting six ponytails in her hair, she said, "Mom, no!  Then I will look like a monster!"


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