Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 20: Isla's Speech

Isla had her speech and developmental evaluations with Early Intervention this week.  Wouldn't you know that once it was time for these evaluations to happen Isla FINALLY started talking?!

When I scheduled these appointments a few weeks ago, Isla was saying about 5-6 words.  She wasn't really repeating anything we said, and she hadn't added any new words to her vocabulary in about six months.

Then last week, right before her evaluations, she started repeating things and saying 10-15 words consistently!  I would be annoyed about her timing with this, if I wasn't so excited!!  =)

She still has a ways to go, but she has made huge progress in such a short time.  In her evaluations, they were very pleased with how she is doing.  They said she might be a few months behind, but she is not far enough behind to qualify for speech therapy.  So, this is exciting!!  It's really fun to hear her start to say more and talk back to us.

Here are the words she is saying right now:
1.  Mama
2.  Dadda
3.  Bye-bye
4.  Ball
5.  Duck
6.  Bubble
7.  Go
8.  Cracker
9.  Baby
10. Block
11.  Hello
12.  Shoe
13.  Juice
14.  Down

These are the sounds she will make right now:
- "Baa" for sheep
- "Woof" for dog
- "ooo" for cow
- "cack, cack" for duck
- "ooh, ooh, ah, ah" for monkey
- "choo-choo" for train
- "la, la, la" for Elmo

She has been trying to sing more songs lately, and though she doesn't get many of the words, she does occasionally match pitch a little.  Here are a few of her favorite songs to try to sing:
-The Wheels on the Bus (her absolute favorite!)
-I Love You (from Barney)
-Hot Dog (from Mickey Mouse)
-Elmo's World (maybe this girl watches too much TV???)
-I See the Light (from Tangled, she likes to sing along when this plays on our Rapunzel doll)
-Baby Mine (this has always been her bedtime song.  She likes to hold her babies and try to sing this song to is so, so cute!)


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