Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day #3, plus a new word for Isla and an appearance from Cindy Lou Who

For day #3, the girls got bubbles, with a tag that said, "You blow me away."
The bubbles were a big hit with both girls!  We always seem to buy the cheap bubbles that don't work very well, but these were really good bubbles.  Audrey had no trouble blowing them, and they stayed together really well, bouncing and landing on the carpet where Isla could smash them. 

 And with this new toy, Isla said "bubble" a lot.  She has said "bubble" before, but never consistently, and I was never quite sure if she really meant it.  She probably said it 25 times today!  And she said another new word...cracker!  It was really clear, and she said it several times while eating her graham cracker.  I was shocked.  In the past week, she has also started to say "go" and "uh-oh".  So with the addition of these four words, she has doubled her vocabulary.  Just in time for her upcoming speech evaluation!  This video shows her saying "bubble" and "cracker" though it isn't very clear.

I made up another batch of cheesecake stuffed strawberries and packaged them up for the secretaries at church.  They are always giving the girls treats whenever we stop by the office, so I thought it would be nice to give them a treat too!  And of course, they couldn't let the girls walk away empty handed, so Audrey and Isla left with some chocolates and a Fruit by the Foot.

On a side note, Audrey has been obsessed with the Grinch lately.  It is really random, but we found the movie recorded on our DVR the other day, and she watched it.  Tonight, she wanted me to fix her hair like Cindy Lou Who's hair.  I tried my best, and this is how it looked:
 Audrey loved it.  She then wanted to sing "Where are you, Christmas?" from the Grinch soundtrack (which I found for her on Spotify).  I wish I had recorded her singing it, because she is so cute and serious about it.  But she would not let me stay in the room while she was singing, because she said I would smile and clap and she didn't like that.  She sang along with the song over and over and over again.

Audrey remained in character as Cindy Lou Who for the rest of the night.  And she really was in character!  She talked in a different voice, she had a fake laugh, even her posture was different.  She kept walking around the house and acting like she was from a different place (Whoville, I guess!).  She would point to things and say, "What is this?  I've never seen this before?"  She kept introducing herself to Isla and telling Isla that she was so adorable.  It really was hilarious.  I caught a few little clips on video, but this doesn't even begin to do justice to her entire act.  (Her hair was majorly falling out by this point in the night!)


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