Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day!

The girls woke up today to open up their final Valentine's day gift.  Audrey got a Mulan doll.  This was the one thing on her Christmas list (which contained three things) that she did not get, and she has been patiently waiting for it.  She actually found it on the shelf at Walgreens a few weeks ago, and since these Mulan dolls aren't regularly shelved in stores any more, I figured Valentine's Day was a good excuse to get it for her. 
 Isla got a Lady and the Tramp Little People play set.  I just love the Disney line of Little People stuff.  The girls got the princess castle for Christmas, so now they have a couple of dogs to play in their castle with them!  Isla wanted to play with her new toys while she was eating breakfast.
Then Daniel surprised us with flowers and cards for his three girls!!  I should have taken a picture of the three of us with the flowers, but I failed...again.
Audrey had her Valentine's Day party at school today.  We decided to order photo Valentine's day cards from Pear Tree Greetings, since we had this adorable picture of Audrey hugging her teddy bear! 
The cards were really cute, but when I got them yesterday afternoon (yes, I waited until the last minute!), they did not have any envelopes.  They were supposed to come with envelopes, and I was annoyed, because I planned to tape candy to outside of the envelope.  Pear Tree Greetings apologized for their mistake and credited me back half the cost, so I didn't stay annoyed for too long.  I just had to be creative in figuring out how to package the Valentines.  I found some clear envelopes down in my craft supply stash, and they ended up working perfectly to hold Audrey's card and her candy treat.

For Audrey's teachers, I used an idea that I found here.  I found the measuring cups at the dollar store, then filled them with a Valentine's bag filled with Hershey's kisses.  I printed out the tag (provided for free at the link above) which read "You measure up to be a really sweet teacher," and tied it on to the cup.  Super easy, and I thought they turned out really cute.
On Thursday nights, we usually cook dinner for my friend Lindsey and her family (and on Monday nights, she cooks for us).  I tried to make our meal a little festive tonight.   I included some fruit with their meal and typed up little tags to go with them.
Then Audrey and I made Valentine heart cupcakes.  I used this technique found on Pinterest and put a marble in each cupcake tin, creating a heart-like shape.  Without icing, the cupcakes did look heart-ish, though they didn't really look like hearts.  However, once we added the icing in a heart shape, they looked much better.
That's about it for our Valentine's Day today.  Daniel and I are hoping to go out and celebrate Valentine's Day with a date night this weekend.

I'm still not feeling the greatest, and I am so annoyed by that.  It's been almost two weeks since I have felt normal, ugh!  I do feel better than I did a week ago, so I guess that is a step in the right direction.


mackyton said...

This is a really cute way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Last time I went out with a couple of friend’s and enjoyed going through different venues in Chicago. This year though, I’m thinking of going out with my lovely date. We’ve been going out for six months and it’s been really special so far.

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