Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 23: Randomness

We did take the girls out to play in the snow yesterday morning.  We woke up and it was 33 degrees, so we hurried outside to make sure they had a little play time before the snow melted too much.  As we were playing, it was raining.  Or at least it felt like rain; it was really just all the snow melting from the trees.

Daniel and Audrey attempted a snowman, but Audrey didn't show much interest in helping.  All she wanted to do was put on the carrot for his nose.  She was not afraid to walk in the snow (as she has been in the past), and she was not afraid to touch the snow (as she also has been in the past).  I think she had fun,  but she was also eager to come inside for some hot chocolate!
Isla was not a big fan of the snow.  She was also not a fan of the hat I made her wear.  I did get her to kick the snow once with her foot, and she thought that was funny.  But that was the only contact she made with the snow.
Daniel also took Isla for a ride down the street on this little sled.  She didn't give much reaction, so I'm not sure what she thought about her ride.

I also got new glasses yesterday.  The girls weren't exactly encouraging when I came home wearing them.  Audrey told me they looked funny and were too big, so I should just take them off.  Isla kept pointing at my face and shaking her head no.   They just made me feel so good about myself!!  =)

I have never liked the way I look in glasses.  I normally only wear my glasses at home, and most of the time I just wear my contacts.  It stresses me out so much to try to pick out a pair, and it has been at least seven years since I bought a new pair of glasses.  I probably spent 45 minutes trying on pair after pair after pair, and eventually they all looked the same!  I ended up just grabbing two pairs (it was cheaper to get two than just one) and going with looking back.

Here is the first pair, and also the pair that I like the most (out of the two I bought):
 And pair #2, I'm not so much a fan of these.  I need to get them adjusted, because they sit really crooked on my face.  Maybe once they are straight, I will like them better.  But I'm not feeling it.

 Speaking of glasses, Isla has been all about sunglasses the past two days.  I think seeing me in glasses makes her want to wear her own.  Why do little kids always put glasses on upside down?  Audrey did the same thing at this age...too funny!  Isla really wanted to take her glasses with her at bathtime tonight, so I let her.  Then she was more than willing to pose with them for a couple of pictures!

My friend Heather and I are getting ready for our big Oscar party tomorrow night.  This party planning stuff is a lot of work!!  I will have much more to post about that after the party, but for now, here are two sneak peeks.


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