Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4: Back to the Doctor

We took Isla to the doctor today because she has been super irritable and not sleeping well.   She has an ear infection.

While there, they weighed her and she weighed in at 20 lbs, 12 oz.  If you have been following the saga of Isla's growth here, then you may know that's not good.   A weight loss of almost a pound!  She was 21 lbs, 8 oz at her checkup two weeks ago.  I suspected that she was losing weight as she has been not feeling well for over a week now, and her appetite has not been normal.  I'm sure that is why she has lost weight.  So as she starts to feel better, she should start to eat better and gain some weight back.

But, the doctor doesn't like to see her weight moving backwards.  So we have to go back yet again in three weeks for another weight check (and a recheck of her ears).  And it's possible they will go ahead with the bloodwork that was planned for two weeks ago but got cancelled because she had gained weight.  Things are just up and down all the time with this girl

She did eat a really good lunch today after coming home from her doctor's appointment.  Then she drank two full cups of milk (unusual for her).  Grow baby Isla, grow!!  Here she is showing off her sticker she got at the doctor's office.


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