Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 13: Family Reunion Time

We didn't have an official family reunion this weekend, but it kind of felt like it with all the relatives in town.  It started when my Florida relatives decided to make a trip up to a visit.  Then we decided to go as well, and my Indiana and Ohio relatives came over too.  I have some fun aunts and uncles and cousins, and we all had a good time together.

My aunt Debbie, who always tried to convince us that she was our favorite aunt when we were kids, also tried to convince our kids that she was their favorite great aunt.  In all the pictures, Debbie is always surrounded by the kids!
It was a surprisingly warm day for January on Friday, so we all took a little trip to the park.

Friday night, the cousins all hung out at my sister's house.  My cousins from Florida, Kyle, Rachel and Logan are on the couch with Daniel.  My brother Seth, my sister Elisabeth, and my sister-in-law Katie are on the floor.  (My cousin Chloe had to skip out early to put her kids to bed).
It's always kind of crazy when the whole family gets together at my mom's house.  My mom has a big collection of toys, and the kids always want to play with every single thing at the same time.  With all the toys and all the people, it is always a full house.

My mom bought my girls and my niece Braxen pink/black outfits for Christmas, so we put them all together for some pictures...along with my cousin Chloe's kids Madalinn and Crosby.

 Overall, it was a fun weekend.  After leaving my mom's house feeling sick and horrible a few weeks ago, it was a much more pleasant visit this time around!


Rachel said...

We had such a good time with everyone! And my mom is still pretty sure she is everyone's favorite;)

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