Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10: Visit with Grammy Lois

We are back at my mom's house for another visit.  A bunch of family is coming into town tomorrow for a visit:  Uncle Todd, Aunt Debbie, and my cousins Rachel, Logan and Kyle and also Uncle Dwight, Aunt Martha and my cousin Chloe and her kids Madalynn and Crosby.  It's like a mini family reunion around here!

On our way here today, we stopped to visit my grandma, who is currently living in a nursing home.  I am always nervous taking my kids to a place like that, because I want them to be on their best behavior!  The girls did well.  We were able to find a fairly quiet hall where we could sit and visit, and the girls could run around without being in the way too much.  Audrey even got to go for a ride with Grammy Lois in her wheelchair.

On a side note, I really need to get my camera back out.  Since I got my iphone, I have just been using it to take pictures because it is new, and it is convenient.  But the quality is just not the same!


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